Sustainability Report

Current State of the Climate Issue

According to United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate scientists from around the world state the adverse affects of Climate Change are a tremendous threat to our local communities and way of Life as a species. The generation of methane in landfills by the breakdown of organics is 80x more potent of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and can cause Climate Change to occur even faster. According to the Washington Department of Ecology website, “By composting yard debris, food scraps, manure and crop residues, we can reduce the production of greenhouse gases and produce a valuable resource for farmers, orchardists, gardeners and municipalities.” Of significant importance however, in order to maintain our high-quality 100% organic compost, Pacific Topsoils does NOT accept food waste at our drop-off collection sites as that inadvertently introduces various plastics into the compost process that do not break down easily.

Pacific Topsoils Inc. is in a unique position as one of the largest organics recyclers in Washington state to take on a major role in the fight against Climate Change. We have committed to being part of the solution as expressed by our CEO, Tim Sellew in the letter below. Furthermore, to demonstrate our progress to our customers and show exactly how we are doing our part in executing real change in our operations and local communities we serve, we are providing a summary of our yearly Sustainability Report below:



  • Pacific Topsoils Alone Recycled Over 6 Million Cubic Yards Of Compost Since 1978
  • We Make Compost That Renews Soil Nutrients, Conserves Water, And Fights Climate Change
  • Saved Over 5,000 Metric Tons Of CO2 Per Year By Diverting Organic Waste From Landfills
  • Provide 60-Acres Of Wetland Habitat For PNW Wildlife
  • Committed To Buying Alternative Fuels, Compostable Bagging, And Purchasing Renewable Energy Offsets For Our Retail Locations


  • Valued Local Community And Municipal Asset
  • US Composting Council (USCC) Member
  • USCC Seal Of Testing Assurance (STA) Certified Compost
  • Local Pacific Northwest Business With PNW Values
  • We Hire Veterans
  • Equitable Livable Wage
  • Provide Healthcare And 401k-Matching
  • On The Job Training Provided
  • Equal Opportunity Employer


  • 173+ Employees At Pacific Topsoils Inc.
  • A GEF Capital Owned And Operated Green Company
  • Committed To Diversity In The Workforce
  • 24% Of PTI Are Women – Many In Management Roles
  • Health & Safety Are Priority #1



Pacific Topsoil’s Mission: To provide the Pacific Northwest Marketplace with environmentally friendly, natural, and organic garden products which promote the sustainability of our Planet for future generations to come.