Pacific Topsoils will help you dig deeper into your landscape nutrient requirements.

Our soil test kit will provide lab results and recommendations from your sample, so you will know exactly what your landscape needs to flourish!

Simply order one or several kits depending on your situation, when the test kit arrives in the mail, simply follow the included instructions and return the test kits to the lab for testing. In a few days the lab will provide a nutrient analysis of your sample. The test analysis will include a recommendation for nutrient addition to achieve optimal growing conditions.

Instructions for sampling: Decide the area you would like to test. It might be helpful to mark the area with a garden hose or some empty pots. With a clean digging tool, and a clean bucket, dig some half cup soil samples out of your test area, 12 samples should be good. Avoid sampling debris, grass, woody pieces larger than 1”, or other inert items. Vigorously mix the samples together in the bucket. Once your samples have been mixed scoop out 1 cup and put it in the Soiltest farm consultants, Inc soil sample bag, and put that bag inside the prepaid envelope and drop it in the mail.

In as little as 5 days you will know what is going on with your soil.

Soil Test Description and Fees:

Test Includes: Phosphorus, Potassium, Boron Zinc Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Cation Exchange, pH, organic matter, and starting in 2022 an interpretation Guide for nutrient addition.

$105.00 per test.

Looking Out For Earth

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