Pacific Topsoils Blower Service, using Express Blower Trucks, will blow bark, mulch or lightweight custom commercial mixes into beds, play areas and anywhere up to 150 feet from the truck (250 feet in special circumstances). This unique system is ideal for hard to reach areas, steep slopes, or narrow yards.

Our trained and professional operators can apply material quickly and evenly, replacing dozens of workers and cutting job time while saving you as much as 20% in material costs alone. We can work year round, in any weather, because there’s no damage to the terrain with blower hoses as compared to the high traffic of workers and wheelbarrows. Our long reach hoses greatly reduce damage to surface grades and minimize disruption of new plantings.

It’s easy to see that Express Blower Product Placement from Pacific Topsoils is a great advantage for anyone who wants to avoid the backbreaking job of spreading materials.


  • Reduces material waste
  • Minimizes disruption of garden surface
  • Increases access to remote and difficult sites
  • Cuts overhead costs
  • Useful for erosion control

Blower Products:

  • Fine Bark
  • Medium Bark
  • Pacific Garden Mulch
  • Screened Comp Mulch
  • Black Forest Mulch
  • Dark Fine Mulch
  • Wood Chip Mulch
  • Cedar Chips
  • Lightweight Custom Commercial Mixes

2″ minimum depth requirement.

10 cubic yard minimum order.

One truck with two attendants can spread 36 – 45 cubic yards of material in about 3 hours including cleanup. Finished jobs are evenly covered and neatly finished. All you need to do is prepare the areas by weeding and having them free of unwanted materials. Cover any water features and close all doors and windows. We ask that customers are onsite prior to starting and that pets are contained and any pet waste cleaned up.

Service A
Technicians and assistant(s) apply material and clean up perimeters of treated areas with a leaf blower only. Wet weather may prevent clean up of residue on plants, walkways, foundations and driveways. Product will be placed near new and small plantings areas to be spread by customer.

Service B
Technician and assistant(s) apply material. Customer cleans up perimeters of treated areas.

Call for Apartment or Condo pricing.

Pacific Topsoils Blower Truck Service is a better way to distribute, protect and beautify.

Looking Out For Earth

Serving homeowners, property management firms, contractors, and government agencies since 1978, Pacific Topsoils is a leader in environmentally-conscious recycling—helping reduce our waste stream while delivering the best materials.