Planting Trees and Shrubs

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Categories: DIY TipsPublished On: April 12, 2024

Preparing the site: Trees and shrubs can be planted most […]

Preparing the site:

Trees and shrubs can be planted most any time through the year, avoiding frozen or rainsaturated soil conditions. Planting in mid-summer heat is possible by providing sufficient water. When planting trees and shrubs make sure that the planting area is moist, never plant them in dry soil. Make sure there is adequate drainage if the location is a very wet area, you can do this by digging a small 12” deep trench and add 6” of gravel then backfill with soil. Successful results depend on placing the plant in the right sun/shade exposure.


Dig a shallow, broad planting hole. Most roots grow flat in the top few feet of the soil, extending out in a circle. The hole should be twice the width of, but only as deep as, the container, or root ball. Find the spot on the tree where the roots flare and spread at the base of the trunk. This spot should be partly visible after planting. Place the tree in the hole lifting it by the root ball, not the trunk, to avoid damaging the plant. Make sure the tree doesn’t sit too deeply in the hole. Carefully remove from pot and/or all string from the root ball. Make sure the tree is straight before filling with soil. Fill the hole with the original dirt, gently packing soil around the base of the roots. Water well. Mulch around the base of the tree, leaving some room around the trunk clear to prevent diseases. Make sure all grass is removed as far out as the branches reach. Keep the soil moist, but not soaked. Water trees at least once a week and more frequently in hot weather. The tree will need regular watering until established.

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