Planting Containers

Planting Containers

Categories: DIY TipsPublished On: April 12, 2024

Pick out the pot/container that you want to plant your […]

Pick out the pot/container that you want to plant your plants in, making sure it has one or more drainage holes. Place a small rock over each drain hole to allow for drainage but prevent soil loss. Fill the container 3/4 full with Potting Mix, pat down gently but firmly as you fill the container. Add loose mix to the top of the container. Remove your plants from their plastic pots and carefully loosen the rootball with your hands. This encourages new root growth into the new surroundings. Place new plants into the light, loose mix, just covering the roots while leaving the stem(s) completely above ground. Gently firm the mix around the roots. Water your new container thoroughly, adding potting mix if settling occurs. Then water as needed.

For more and healthier blooms, remove old, faded flowers to encourage new blooms throughout the season. Trim or pinch back plants if they have become too large or leggy.

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