Planting Bulbs

Planting Bulbs

Categories: DIY TipsPublished On: April 12, 2024

Selecting Bulbs bloom in all colors so you can choose […]


Bulbs bloom in all colors so you can choose many color combinations to create your garden. Different bulbs bloom at different times, so you can plant in the fall and have blossoms from February to May, and plant in the spring for blossoms from June to November. Plant your bulbs by the height of the plants; generally tall in back, short in front. Plant fragrant bulbs near the spot you pass most frequently. Make sure when you are selecting your bulbs, that they are solid, heavy bulbs free of any mold.

Where to Plant

Planting in full sun provides the spring sunlight that so many bulbs need to produce beautiful blooms; some bulb varieties prefer the shade. In any location, good drainage is a must. Compost is beneficial if your soil is sandy or clayey. You can plant in a garden with a mixture of colors, or outline a pathway with a solid strip of color. You can combine bulbs with other plants, especially perennials, to create interesting mixes. Bulbs, when planted in-groups of 7 or more create a beautiful area of color.

Bulbs are conveniently well suited for planting in containers of any kind. So, brighten your outside deck or balcony with a beautiful pot, or grow them indoors in a sunny spot.


When planting bulbs, plant them at a depth 2 1/2 times the diameter of the bulb; fertilize with a bulb fertilizer at this time. When the flowering ends leave the foliage until it has yellowed, it is still nourishing the bulb.

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