To Our Valued Customers,

It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pacific Topsoils, Inc. Like most of our customers, I have an appreciation of Washington’s natural beauty and resources; and, more importantly, I understand the need to preserve those resources for future generations.

At Pacific Topsoils, Inc., we produce only the finest sustainable lawn and garden products. For over forty-four years, we have been providing the Washington market with over twenty-five different natural and 100% organic soils and mulches. We are especially proud to offer organic, plastic-free compost, which is created with great care and thought toward sustainable futures.

As one of the largest compost companies in Washington, we make the finest compost in the Pacific Northwest, using only Mother Nature’s natural processes. We proudly divert recyclable, organic waste from landfills, which prevents the buildup of methane gas (which is eighty times more harmful than carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere. Our products and you, the customers who purchase them, together we are actively fighting against climate change by preventing methane, sequestering carbon, preserving topsoil, preventing erosion, and conserving water.

We wish to sincerely say: thank you for being our loyal customers and good neighbors as we continue to serve the Pacific Northwest community.

Sincerely Yours,
Tim Sellew, CEO
Pacific Topsoils, Inc.