Arborist Chips

Arborist Chips

** This product is available but is special order and has its own pricing, please call
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Arborist Chips-Coarse untreated wood chips from local Arborists, material consist of native trees and parts of trees chipped and unchipped.  Unacceptable material ( logs, branches, rounds, and foliage) can be returned at no charge to Pacific Topsoils locations with a receipt.  This mulch can be used as trail surfacing or as a protective plant mulch.  Other benefits include erosion control and reducing soil compaction.  This mulch is one of our best values for gardeners, because of high demand, we are experiencing longer than normal wait times for a delivery.



Cubic Yards of Arborist Chips

Looking out for Earth

Serving homeowners, property management firms, contractors, and government agencies since 1978, Pacific Topsoils is a leader in environmentally-conscious recycling—helping reduce our waste stream while delivering the best materials.

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